Pool Safety and Drowning Prevention in SC


Avoiding Pool and Drowning Accidents

Columbia South Carolina Drowning AttorneyIf you’re from South Carolina, you’re basically part-fish during the summer months. Swimming or water activities are a good way to beat the famous South Carolina heat! With all of these aquatic activities, it’s important to understand the swimming pool and water safety to prevent tragic drowning accidents. Teaching your children, family, or friends swimming safety should absolutely be a number one priority.

Even slipping and falling near a pool because of a wet pool deck can lead to spinal cord or head injuries or any number of other bodily trauma situations. If you or a loved one has suffered a pool injury on someone else’s property due to their negligence or unsafe conditions, please contact a South Carolina personal injury lawyer immediately.

Drowning Statistics

The CDC has reported on drowning statistics that state that almost ten people die every day from unintentional drowning. Even worse, perhaps, is that at least two of the ten are children that are fourteen or younger. In fact, death by drowning is the second most prevalent cause of unintentional injury death for children between the ages of one to fourteen. This is unacceptable.

What Type of Pool Dangers Lead to Injury or Death?

There are many dangers of frequenting a pool that can lead to injury or death such as:

  • Lack of Proper Safety Equipment
  • Failure to supervise
  • Failure to warn
  • Lack of fencing
  • Failure to Maintain
  • Defective Equipment

Preventing Pool Injuries or Drowning

Take measures to make sure your children, family, and friends aren’t the victims of a swimming pool accident. There is pool safety equipment for your personal pool at home like pool covers and pool fences that are a good way to keep small children away from falling into the water to avoid drowning accidents.

A child that is drowning can be a terrifying thing for a parent to witness, especially if they don’t know what to do, or don’t realize the child is, in fact, drowning. A child that is drowning can sometimes be mistaken for a child that is playing or roughhousing, and sometimes the child won’t be able to call out for help or let you know what’s wrong. The sad fact is that most drowning victims only struggle for about 60 seconds before sinking below the water’s surface for good.

This can be mitigated by instituting a buddy system–always make sure children and adults swim in pairs or groups. Also, to learn what to do in the event of a drowning accident, take a CPR class offered by a local American Red Cross. This class should also teach you other first aid tips that could save a life.

What Can I Do Now?

Please reach out to a personal injury or wrongful death attorney for a free consultation. We understand how emotionally taxing this time is for you, and we will help you navigate through these complicated legal waters while you focus on emotional healing. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed through no fault of your own, contact a personal injury attorney today for a free consultation.